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What makes BTB so special is the connections we make with our clients and fans. They are the heart of what we do. We strive not only to provide the best products and services, but to provide an overall unmatched customer service experience.


Survive To Thrive Global Inc provides resources to survivors of domestic abuse. BTB has been working with the STTG organization for two years, providing web development and design. Madame Bullet is on the board serving as Tech Lead.


COVID - 19

The New Normal

Adjusting to life in this ever changing world isn’t easy, but here at BTB ENT LLC we are dedicated to continuing to provide the highest level of service while ensuring we keep you, your family, your business and our partners safe. We are now offering Zoom working sessions for those unable to commute. For our One on One sessions we are practicing social distancing and providing complimentary disposable masks, gloves and sanitizer to all our clients.